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Fluidic Solutions

Solenoid Activated Systems and Components

Product Lines

  • 2-way 3-way solenoid valve configurations
  • Normally Closed, Normally Open and Universal Drives
  • Metallic solutions in Brass, Steel and Aluminum
  • Adaptable control systems
  • 22mm, 30mm and 36mm solenoids with different voltages and powers

Production process

Incoming and outcoming quality control

  • Quality audit to suppliers during production process of R2G components
  • Internal quality control plan at goods incoming following Military Standards
Controllo qualità in ingresso


  • Components pre assembly
  • Pre assembly of production kits
  • Finite Solenoid Valves assembly

Mobile plungers and components

Diaphragm and production kits

Complete solenoid valves


  • 100% quality test on solenoid valve functioning
  • 100% quality test on low pressure leakage
  • 100% quality test on high pressure leakage
  • 100% quality test on noise and vibration

Packaging and delivery

  • Packaging including special packaging accordin to customer specifications
  • Consignment stock and special delivery preparations
  • Courier booking on customers behalf service
  • fast delivery with 24H service when required
R2G Fluidics Produzione Elettrovalvole Solenoid Valve production

Focus on Main Markets

Water Management

  • Potable Water
  • Cooling Systems
  • Radio controlled water supplies
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Water supply systems for train and boat docks

Automation and Industrial Controls

  • Pneumatics
  • Die temperature management
  • Plastic moulding and stamping machines
  • Prototyping and testing systems
  • Dryers
  • Anti condensation systems


  • Load valve for screw type compressors
  • Condensation management systems
  • Oil level management for refrigerating compressors


  • Steam management
  • Vacuum systems management
  • Washing fluids sterilization


  • Oil change systems
  • Refrigerating systems

Green Anergy & Agriculture

  • Fertilizers and anti parasites systems
  • Animal feeding systems
  • Electrolysis systems and components

Research and Development

  • Application and requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Finite element analysis
  • 3D modeling
  • Working prototype manufacturing
  • Lab testing
  • Final product
  • Engineered