R2SP Solenoid Valve G3/4″-G1″ for 16 bar air compressed circuit exhaust – New product development

In order to support our customers with dedicated solutions, R2G developed a modified version of the Normally Open R2SP Solenoid Valve Series. The R2SP-HP series has a high pressure performance to exhaust compressed air circuits up to 16 bar. The main feature of this solution is the ability to quick exhaust tanks and air compressed circuits up to 16 bars with a high flow rate solenoid valve with G3/4″ or G1″ connections (in G3/8″ and G1/2″ R2SP solenoid valves, this function is implemented as standard). The development on the R2SP Solenoid Valve series could be performed thanks to the high resistance diaphragm used on this product serie. This solution has been required as safety device, the valve is a Normally Open version so that in case of emergency, cutting electric power, the R2SP-HP solenoid valve opens exhausting the circuit.

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