Solenoid Valves for Firefighting Application

R2G Fluidics Srl suggests the Solenoid Valves for Firefighting Application range which is available with different body and seals configurations. The Firefighting Solenoid Valves range is designed for high flowrate solutions with the diaphragm serie R2SP, or high pressure both in brass with the serie R2AC and in Stainless Steel with the serie R2IC and in Normally Closed or Open versions. R2G Fluidics Srl can design custom solutions with aluminum or stainless steel bodies with the possibility to integrate pressure sensors following the customers technical specifications and design. The sealing system of the mobile components guarantees a bubble-tight sealing even in heavy duty conditions and can compensate the presence of contaminants through the sealing systems.

R2G Fluidics Srl Solenoid Valves are designed, assembled and 100% tested in our Burago Molgora facility, in addition all components are Made in Italy with a short logistic chain process that guarantee a high quality level. The components and material management allow R2G Fluidics to have a short reaction time in order to follow market requirements where speed and volatile volumes are present. On request it is possibile to ask for Food Grade and Potable Water certified components following the most recent Certification standards. R2G Fluidics Srl is available with a Commercial and Technical service available 7/7 on our products and on application solutions. “Different in Quality” is not only a pay-off but the consultancy approach of the company which make the difference for customers and partners.

Products are available and ready to be ordered, for further information  please contact us by email at or by phone at +39 338 1431375