New Air Actuated Angle Seat Valves – Product Launch

R2G Fluidics is proud to inform the market about the New Air Actuated Angle Seat valve Serie. The new R2SI Serie is available with connections from G1/2″ to G2″ ad different actuator sizes. Fully in stainless steel the new Angle Seat Valve serie can be applied in many different application such as #Food&Baverage, #Chemical and #Environment Technologies, #Water Treatment, #Sterilizers, Water #Purification, #Filtration Systems, #Carwash. The R2SI serie can be used with Water, Neutral and Corrosive Fluids, Hot Water and Steam.

Products are available and ready to be ordered, for further information or orders please contact R2G Fluidics by email at or by phone at +39 338 1431375